Increasing Business With The Right Holiday Print Materials

One of the best ways to market your business during the festive season is by giving professional and personalized season’s greetings cards.

For some companies, the holiday season is a busy one. Then for others, business slows down in the festive season. For these business entities, now is a great time to focus on some company branding. The holiday season can be used as an asset for this.

Using Holiday Print Materials To Enhance Branding

Every business should put the extra effort into acknowledging their customers with season’s greetings. It can be done with print materials that can be used year round, so they act as a constant reminder. There are many different ways that this can be done. Still, calendars are one that has been around for a long time and is a tried and true method of providing something of value while enhancing the brand.

Full Colored Calendars

Once you have made the wise decision to go with a calendar to send your season’s greetings, you need to put the proper thought into this piece of marketing material. Remember that anything that has your business name on it is making a statement about your business.

Going with a full-color calendar is going to continually grab the attention of the viewer every month. They will refer to this when they are changing the calendar month as well as each time they need to refer to it.

You have at a minimum twelve opportunities to draw attention to your business with just one crucial piece of marketing material.

The benefits of going with full-color calendars include:

  • The color makes them attractive, so recipients are more inclined to put them on their message board in their office or keep them on their desks.
  • When using full colored calendars that have been produced by Gold Image Printing, you can count on the print being of the best quality. It is going to work in harmony with the visual presentation of the calendar.
  • When choosing images for your calendar, try and choose ones that are not only applicable to the month but to your business, or at least your industry. For example, if you are in home construction, try to choose images that reflect this industry but apply to the month the image is going to be used. For example, you wouldn’t want to show the construction of a home taking place for January. But what you could show is a completed home with a family enjoying a warm, inviting fireplace. Or, if you are in the beauty industry, you could use an image that depicts one of your services that would be most applicable to each month of your calendar.

Pay Attention To The Detail

Everything about the business calendar has to portray quality because it is representing your brand. It means even the paper stock has to be quality with an excellent finish.

Business Calendar Size:

Even the size of the calendar needs to be given some careful thought. Think about your customers. Would the majority of them want a calendar that can be displayed on the wall like an 8.5 x 11 calendar, or would an 8.5 x 5.5 be more appropriate? If you’re going to draw interest to this small but useful gift that you are giving, why not offer them a choice? It will show how appreciative and thoughtful your Company is of their patronage.

Embossed Greeting Cards

You may want to reserve your calendars for regular clients. However, you still need to acknowledge anyone that has done business with you in the last year, at least. Greeting cards can be used for this purpose, and they are ideal for sending season greetings within your network and also for giving to employees.

 Don’t Buy Standard Greeting Cards

There are plenty of nice-looking cards that can be bought from your local office supply store, but these are generic. If you are going to capitalize on marketing for this time of the year, then you need to invest in greeting cards that are going to impress people. The thought may be that they are going to toss them out after the season, which is true. What they won’t throw out, however, is the lasting impression that your embossed greeting card made with them when they first received it. Ideally, putting an embossed business card in the card itself would be perfect. If careful planning is done and the greeting card and the business card use the same embossing, then this is going to enhance the brand. Gold Image Printing has design professionals on staff that can offer some important suggestions for matching embossed greeting cards with the business cards.

With this type of season greeting, you are sending an essential message to your clients. You are telling them that they are worth receiving a greeting card that has some thought and money put into it.

Really Step It Up A Notch With Foil Stamped Greeting Cards

Another great option for making your business stand out with your Season’s greeting message is to make use of foil stamped greeting cards. These are absolutely stunning and not only do they make your message stand out then depict the elegance and professionalism of your brand.

These are just a few ways to capitalize on marketing for the Holiday season and can go a long way it generating repeat business, create new business, and strengthen your network.

Let Gold Image Printing help you scale up your business for the coming New Year. Contact us now and let one of our representatives help you make the best Holiday marketing in print decisions.