New York Foil Stamp Business Cards And Why They Are Important

The right business card can scale up your New York business.

We may live in a digital age, but when it comes to business there are some resources that have been relied on in the past that are just as necessary and important today. One that falls into this category is the business cards. For those doing business in New York, relying on New York foil stamp business cards can be worth a thousand words.

Why Are Business Cards Still Important?

Foil Print Cards

Business cards serve a variety of different purposes, such as:

First Impression

When you, as a business representative, come in contact with someone you make a first impression as a person. Your business card makes the first impression of the business itself.

Inexpensive Marketing

Every business has to market. It can become expensive, but business cards are one of the least expensive marketing tools.


Carrying business cards with you at all times sets you up for being able to promote your business anywhere in a quick and smooth manner.

Brand Identification

Marketing is important for building your brand. Your cards can be very effective at doing this.

What Are New York Foil Stamp Business Cards?

These are business cards that are designed for those who want to give their New York business every opportunity to be a success. These cards are designed in a way that they are able to deliver on all the benefits that these cards can offer for your business.

The Right Impression

With the business card being able to make the first impression, it is critical that it is a good impression. That is the function of the New York Foil Stamp Business Cards.

Every component of the business card says something about your business. Quality business card printers like Gold Image Printing will provide you some important choices for your business cards. The choices you make will each play an important purpose in creating that first impression.

Card Stock

An impressive business card begins with the type of paper it is made with. Keep in mind that when you place a card in a person’s hand, they will immediately notice the quality of it. If it feels flimsy then this does not create a good first impression.

Card Color

The foil stamping is going to make the print on your card stand out. You do not want to detract from this, so sticking with a standard card color of black or white is the best choice.

Foil Color

Here is where the New York Foil Stamp Business Cards really gets exciting. You can choose between gold or silver, and the choice is going to come down to your personal preference. Both are elegant and stand out beautifully on the cards.


For this type of business card, the emphasis is being put on the foil print, and it being uncoated is the best option, so nothing interferes with the visual impact that the foil is able to make. When you are using a quality printing service like Gold Image Printing you don’t need to worry about the quality of the foil because authentic foil stamping methods are used. Not only does this lend to the quality but to the durability of the cards as well.


Again another great option which will depend on the amount of content you want to place on these specialty Business Cards. You can go with the standard size or have the size customized.

The Print

Here you get to decide the content to be placed on your cards as well as whether you want foil stamping on both sides of the card. For brand building purposes, you may want to stick with having the main side of the card foil stamped only. However, if you want to have a real “wow” factor then go for foiling on both sides.


If you want to customize your cards, then you can opt to round the corners. Again this is a personal preference on behalf of the business owner.

The Results

Once you have the necessary decisions, then you are looking forward to the results. What you can expect when you have your New York Foil Stamp Business Cards made by Gold Image Printing is:

  • The very best in quality in both paper stock and foil print
  • Cards that are immediately going to make your brand stand out
  • Business cards that not only look good but feel good
  • A portrayal of your business that is elegant, sophisticated and professional
  • Representatives that are handing out business cards are going to be proud of them
  • Recipients of the cards will definitely take a second look
  • You are able to capitalize on the benefits of a very impressive piece of marketing material that is inexpensive
  • Your first business presentation is going to be a positive lasting one

Why These Cards For Business  Are Your Best Choice

Anyone that is doing business with a New York company has already formed a long list of expectations. New York is considered to be a very prestigious city and the hub of activity for shopping for all products and services. Companies doing business here have to live up to that reputation. It all begins with the business card that has the ability to confirm all of these expectations, and that is what New York Foil Stamp Business Cards are capable of doing.

You don’t have to pay a fortune for foil stamped business cards. Ordering your cards is quick and easy when you give Gold Image Printing the pleasure of serving you.