The Corporate Brochure And How To Make It Impressive

The right Corporate brochure can have a major impact on your business

With the digital technology that dominates businesses today, it is easy to overlook the value and need for print material. Companies have to capitalize on all of the resources that are available to them. One of the best resources to rely on for helping to scale up a business is the Corporate brochure.

The Benefits of The Corporate Brochure

Although all the information that can be put into a brochure can be provided in digital format, the biggest benefit of this piece of marketing material is that it is a hard copy that can be passed along. It has the ability to:

  • Build the brand recognition of the business
  • Corporate brochures can create credibility and build trust
  • It creates the impression of a business in authority
  • It provides a visual presentation of the professionalism of the company
  • It is able to present the core values of the business
  • It is able to deliver direct messaging
  • It can contain call to actions

Targeted Distribution

There is more control over this form of marketing material. The Company decides where they want to distribute them. There are a number of ways this can be done. They can be used in the lobby of the business itself or placed in other business related establishments. They are a valuable resource to be used at tradeshows and fairs. They can also be very effective as a mail out.

The Components Of A Successful Corporate Brochure

The Quality

Keeping in mind that the Corporate brochure is a snapshot of your business, so you want every aspect of it to depict quality. It means relying on professional printers that use the best of materials, impeccable workmanship and professionals on staff that can provide the support needed for creating such an important piece of marketing material. This what you can expect when you are using Gold Image Printing for not only your marketing brochure needs but for all of your print materials.

Planning Your Marketing Brochure

There are several different steps that have to be taken to be successful with this marketing material.

The Objectives

The first step is to have an objective in mind which means understanding the purpose of the brochure. For the corporate brochure, it is usually meant to provide “at a glance” information about the company.

Know The Target Market

If you are going to prepare something that is meant to grab a person’s attention, then you need to know what is going to appeal to them in the quickest way. This is the thought that has to be put in mind when dealing with all the components of the brochure. It means knowing the wants and needs of the target market and making sure that the brochure addresses these.


It is important to be creative with the design of the brochure, so it stands out above the competition. However, constraint has to be practiced so that creativity does not overpower the professional look or the message being delivered. This is where using an experienced printer can be most valuable. Gold Image Printing has experienced designers on staff that know all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to designing brochures.

The Colors

When you are dealing with a professional printing service, they should be able to accommodate you with your corporate colors. Ideally you want to have a full colored brochure that should contain at least some images. At the same time you want to keep your company branding in mind. Whenever you are using the company name in the brochure, headers try to stay with the colors of your company logo which makes up part of your branding.


Content is still king, even when it comes to brochures. Most businesses have so much that they want to say about their business that they have difficulty in reducing the content so it can deliver in a powerful message in as few words as possible. Stick to the key points and avoid using long or complex words. A successful corporate brochure should hold the attention of its reader from start to finish. If the text rambles on or is too difficult to read then the message it is portraying will be lost.

Use headlines: headlines are attention grabbers, but they have to be relevant to the text that follows. They shouldn’t make bold statements unless they are factual and can be backed up in the copy.

Call To Action

No business should ever pass up an opportunity to present a call to action. The call to action for a brochure should be determined when deciding on the objectives. You want everything in the brochure to lead up to the call to action. By the time the reader gets to this point of the content, they should have already made up their mind about your business. Your call to action is now pushing them into doing what it is you want them to do.

Don’t Forget About Important Information

Being as space is at a premium with a brochure, sometimes it is easy to forget about incorporating important information. The address, telephone number, and website address should never be excluded from the content.

The Layout

The printing company that you choose should be able to give you some options for the layout. This will mean choosing the fold that you prefer. For example, Gold Image Printing gives you several options for the fold. If you are not sure which is better for you, then you can rely on their expertise for making suggestions.

Now that you have some insight as to the importance of the Corporate brochure, you may be ready to take the next step of scaling up your business by ordering your marketing brochures now. If so, then do not hesitate to contact Gold Image Printing as they will take you through the entire process in a hassle free and affordable manner.