Soft Touch Vs. Velvet

Which lamination do I choose?

When choosing a paper product for your company whether it be business cards or invitations, paper stock is not your only option, you also have the ability to decide on what finish or coating on the paper itself fits your business look. A finish is the overlay on the paper’s surface. A well-selected finish gives the air of professionalism to all your paper products when presenting your company’s brand.

Examples of finishes that we offer are embossing with its singular raised design, spot UV coating, that gives a glossy effect or even foil stamping. These finishes affect the look of the product, but what about the feel? Soft Touch lamination and velvet lamination are two splendid finishes that give any paper the most pleasant feel in the hands of customers. What are these finishes and how do you choose between the two? These two finishes are both a lovely choice to add a high end, pleasing feel to your paper, but it is important to know the differences between the two as they each distinctly offer their own unique benefits.

Velvet Lamination Business Cards


While both soft touch and velvet lamination give the paper a fur-like feel, they are not the same. Velvet lamination when sealed over the paper offers a protection. Products with velvet lamination are automatically more durable. This is a great choice for business cards and other heavily handled paper products. While the feel will be softer after the lamination is applied, the color of the paper stock will also be altered. The velvet lamination will mute that color. Keep this mind when choosing the underlying paper color. Velvet lamination pairs well with more professional, modern and sleek looking products.

Soft touch lamination only affects the feel of the paper. Love the exact shade you chose on your paper stock? Soft lamination when sealed over the paper will not affect that color. The bright hues or warm tones of your favorite paper will shine through just the same after being laminated. 

You have the two choices of a silky feel finish, but which one is right for you? Think about at your paper product, the paper stock you choose, what purpose this particular product will serve and how long it needs to last, then you will be able to better choose between these two impressive laminations.

Should I choose Velvet Lamination?

Velvet lamination or velvet-feel is often described as a delicate feel but is deceptively long-lasting. This lamination changes the color of the paper to appear a deeper shade than it’s original. This rich color and silky feel gives any product a more pleasing effect on the recipient. Let your paper products stand out with this lamination.

This finish is not all about the look and feel but also the use of this product. By adding velvet lamination your product will be protected from scratches, creases or stains. While the lamination is protective, it doesn’t keep the paper rigid, but allows for a nice flexible feel to paper. The effect also keeps the paper from contrast. Does it sound like a  product that works for your next printing job? Start with our velvet business cards or velvet postcards.

Velvet Lamination is for you if…

  • You are hoping for a silky feel
  • You anticipate your card may be roughly handled and are looking for a protective layer
  • You want your card to have a flexible feel
  • You hope for highly richer hues
Soft Touch Business Card Printing

Should I choose Soft Touch?

Soft Touch lamination offers a multitude of benefits. This elegant choice creates the pleasing texture of a brushed feel. Unlike velvet lamination, soft touch does not alter the look at all, but allows the vibrant colors to shine through unaltered. The thickness of the paper can be layered though. Since soft touch lamination is an overlaid material, you can opt of thickness up to 32 pt depending on your needs.

A fashionable choice among paper products, soft lamination offers a great marketing edge above other paper specialties. Soft touch lamination can be added to our business cards, invites, postcards or even hang tags. Just choose the lamination specialty option to raise the level of elegance on your order.

Soft Lamination is for you if…

  • You love that smooth look and feel 
  • You are happy with your paper’s color and want to avoid diminished colors 
  • You are searching for an intriguing texture to the touch
  • You need a wide range of thickness options
Soft Touch Postcard Printing

More Benefits

  • Soft touch coating allows your paper to give off a matte effect. The feel is more of a  luxurious touch that will leave customers asking for more. 
  • Velvet lamination keeps the surface of your business card or poster free from marks and blemishes.
  • Both choices are quite similar in price and thus it is more about the difference in effect than the difference in price that you want to consider when buying

Your Choice

Knowing the differences between these two laminations is crucial to you selecting your paper product that satisfies your needs. These differences may at first glance be subtle, but once you spend time getting to know the benefits of each choice you can more accurately choose the lamination that pleases you.