What is Large Format Printing?

What is it exactly?

Do you have a large printing job in mind? Perhaps you need a massive banner or a wide product sign? You may shy away from such an order because you can’t imagine how a printer could print such a large order. Won’t it take hours and cost loads of money? Not at all. There is actually a category for such massive orders. It is called large format printing.

What is large format printing? Large formatting may mean different things for different companies in terms of size and products, so as a customer it is a good idea to understand the term and be able to ask for the right details when ordering. You may have heard it referred to as wide-formatting or grand-formatting, which all mean essentially the same thing. Large format printing is any printing job that cannot be printed on the standard sizes we normally offer. Whatever large printing job needed, you will find it with large format printing. These speciality orders can range from window displays to wallpaper. Large format printing normally includes printing orders for flat papers that can hang well on a wall, yet you have the option of products that can fold or even freestanding products. The printing is not limited to bendable material, though. Our printers can handle rigid but flat surfaces as well. Essentially, don’t hesitate to ask when considering large format printing. Our printers can accommodate even the most unique of orders!

Large format printing is especially useful for advertising. Whether it is a free standing poster at a business expo or a large wall hanging of an ad in a restaurant, businesses have found success in advertising when using large ads. The bigger the image the more customers it will attract. A customer won’t be able to buy what they missed seeing. Look around you and you will most likely see a wide sign, a glass door with print on it or even a banner hanging in the wind. Those were all done with large format printing. 


Some companies may attempt large format printing on regular printers, yet most large format printing jobs require specialty printers that can accommodate a wide area and can print on different materials than just paper. A standard printer usually maxes out at about 14” wide orders. A company with printers specifically for large format printing has much more possibilities for orders. 

Gold Image Printing boasts of two of the best printers in the industry for large format printing. The JFX2513 Ex and the HP Latex Wide Format Printer. These printers are top of the line, high productivity printers.  Both printers can handle an impressive variety of thickness, material type and have speeds that allow your job to get into your hands. The print jobs come out dry and ready to ship, making the process lightning fast, and finally with their economical machinery we are proud to say they keep the costs down. 

When is it Used?

So what products can be produced with large formatting? The joy of this type of printing is there is hardly any limit. As long as it is a large size, you can order it! One great product that is printed beautifully with large format printing is wallpaper. Imagine your coffee shop, waiting room or office wallpapered with a custom design. Envision your logo announcing proudly from the walls of your company. That is where large formatting would come into play.  Perhaps you need a large free-standing poster for a temporary or on-the-move event? Large format printing. Even an adorable size chart for your growing kid’s bedroom! Peruse this extensive list of ideas for large format printing jobs:

This list is just to get your ideas flowing, but don’t be limited by it. Contact us today for a custom quote on any large format printing you can imagine. 

Don’t Be Limited to Paper!

Now large format printing customers may think of posters, wallpaper or other paper based orders as we have listed above. While paper products for large format printing are highly popular, don’t limit yourself to paper. Think outside the “paper box” and try printing on other materials. Almost any flat surface you provide, we can print on. Try large format printing on acrylic, metal, aluminum, a variety of boards, glass, even yoga mats. You are not limited to paper orders and you are not limited to rectangular or square shape orders either. Order round sings, oval banners and much more. Imagine any of your flat products cleanly printed with your logo, company name or product information. 

Benefits of Large Format Printing

There’s really no cons to our pro list, so take a look at all the benefits of large format printing. 

  • Can be printed on almost any type of material, rigid or not 
  • Good for advertising as the larger surface area catches the eye
  • Can easily produce full color printing
  • High quality printing projects
  • Ink directly on the paper so more of an authentic feel


Have you already started dreaming up your next sign, banner or wallpaper? Hop over to Gold Image Printing to browse through the possibilities. When ordering we can offer pretty much any size job you can think of. Contact us for a custom quote and we will find a way!

Cost And Shipping

Large format printing produces clean beautiful printing jobs on an impressively wide array of materials, but that doesn’t mean it comes with high prices. You will find we are able to keep the cost down as this method of printing is less expensive than perhaps screen printing. As for shipping, our company offers lighting fast printing jobs. Contact us today for your next large format printing job. Get your ads out there!