QR Codes: Scan for Customer Connection

Do you know how many Americans have smartphones? Eighty-five percent, or just over 285 million, and the number is increasing all the time. But how can these numbers help you to build engagement with your customers? One fantastic way to increase the interaction your customers have with your business is through QR codes. 

In fact, there are myriad ways QR codes can help drive customer engagement, from improving customer service, to an entire QR marketing campaign. But first, let’s start with the basics. 

 What is a QR code, Anyway?

The QR in “QR code” stands for Quick Response. They were first developed by the Japanese Company Denso Wave in 1994, which chose to release the technology without patenting it, meaning anyone can use it. QR codes have recently seen a spike in popularity, due to the many different kinds of data which can be stored on them, and the speed and ease with which they can be read by almost every smartphone camera. When printing QR codes, it’s important to make sure that they are printed perfectly, with minimal bleed and fantastic color definition. That’s why it’s so important to go to a professional custom printing company like Gold Image Printing. A QR code that goes nowhere would be less than ideal!

All kinds of data can be stored in a QR code, including phone numbers, and website URLs, but they can also be used for so much more! 

Customer Experience

QR codes can be used to allow customers to leave reviews on social media, popular apps, or websites. They can even be used to leave compliments for specific employees. This is an excellent method for increasing reviews and getting useful feedback for your business. 

Finding a custom QR code maker online is so straightforward. You could create individual QR codes for each member of staff, so you can know who is going above and beyond for your customers. This can ensure top-notch customer service from your public-facing staff. 

Do you sell products that require setup or construction? Including Roll Labels with QR codes linking to product-specific FAQs or instructional videos could be a great way to help your customers. This can also help to keep overheads low, while still boosting customer satisfaction.

Does your business have a rewards scheme, a customer login portal, or online customer accounts which may need authentication? You can streamline so much of this by adding a QR code to products such as Flyers, Bottle Neck Hang Tags, or even Luxury Business Cards. Instead of manually typing in a URL, then finding a link to create an account, your new customer can simply scan a QR code and be taken to the exact area of your website they need. 

For anyone asking the question How Do I Make My Business Card Stand Out? – There are so many amazing ideas in this blog post, which you can combine with the use of a QR code to drive even more engagement.

Unfortunately for a lot of businesses, people are now downloading fewer apps. However, if your business has an app in either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, a QR code can take your customers directly to the appropriate download page for their phone. This removes a barrier for your customers, which is known to significantly increase customer engagement.

Unique Improvements to Customer Experiences.

The use of QR codes in QR advertising can go so much further than just customer service or easy access to your business materials. There’s a whole world of possibilities when you start to utilize QR codes.

Many people love to compare similar products before they commit to buying them. Via QR code, you can make your product specs easier to access, and make them available across your range of Posters or other marketing materials without disturbing your design aesthetic or pulling attention away from the product itself.  

Restaurant Menus with rotating specials can be difficult to keep updated and can be expensive to consistently change, but with a simple QR code, you can link your customers to a daily specials page, or even daily deals with potential rewards for greater interaction. If you’re tired of constantly replacing paper menus, Plastic Menus with QR codes for seasonal or daily options might be the perfect solution to improve the dining experience of your customers. 

If you’re in the event planning business or any business which provides limited-time services, a “scavenger hunt” of QR codes attached to advertising, leading to a discount or other benefit, is a great technique to have customers deliberately seeking out and interacting with your advertising materials.

Many businesses have even taken advantage of the ARG (augmented reality game) capabilities of QR codes to increase customer interaction and interest in their products. Cryptic clues hidden in Large Posters, which lead to social media pages set up for the public to speculate as to what your business might be planning, may seem like a difficult prospect, but by using any online QR code creator, you’ll be able to take advantage of this unprecedented level of customer engagement with minimal extra work.

Anyone looking for Real Estate Marketing Success could take advantage of QR codes by having their Real Estate Sign Posts link to all their current listings via QR code. You could even have each QR code link to a virtual walkthrough of a specific property. 

QR Code Printing Considerations.

When it comes to thinking about a QR code with a logo, the right material is an important choice. Picking the right sign material can be a complicated matter, but with expert help from an experienced team like the one at Gold Image Printing, you can be sure that your QR code will come out pristine. You can find more help with artwork guidelines here. Our help page covers the digital side of printing, which can make just as much of an impact as the material. We increasingly see the world through technology, and QR codes are a great way to use this to your advantage. If you want more useful information about things to know before using online printing, this is a great starting point.