I Have Some Questions About Sticker Labels

We all know about stickers. We played with them as children, decorating our dresser drawers or our treasure boxes. But now that you are in the corporate world and you hear that word: “sticker” what images should it conure up? Sticker labels are a great marketing investment as they are affordable, easy to replace and give a high quality look to your products. Many customers have questions about these products, so ask away, Gold Image Printing always has the answers.

What Would I Use My Custom Stickers For?

Oh, there are so many efficient ways to use your custom printed stickers. You can use them to label cylinder shaped products (candles, bottles, cans etc.). Stickers give you the ability to decorate and promote from any items, doors, and windows. Stickers are a great means for effective promotion. Most of the time we see stickers used for clean and quality packaging. Basically, what you need to know is that at Gold Image Printing, we design the product and then customize it to fit your specific goal. Your sticker labels can be tweaked and upgraded to fit whatever you need them for. Try our custom quote option to request any special sticker request. We will begin chatting with you on how to make that happen.

What Colors Should I Use (or should I even use color?)

Some color on a sticker helps it to stand out, which is essential if it is a promotion material. Keep in mind that your sticker by nature will never be free standing. So unlike other paper products you need to think about how the sticker will look stuck against a surface of a certain color. Will you put these labels on a dark brown bottle? Will  they be stuck on the soft sandy wood of a guitar? Match the color of the sticker to it’s background. We offer digital full color stickers at great prices. Have you heard of the Pantone Color system? This color system allows us to use the four primary colors to find the exact hue you were hoping for. We guarantee color satisfaction when it comes to stickers. 

Should I go with custom cut stickers or standard stickers?

Custom cut stickers are all the rave. These are stickers shaped to your desire. Perhaps you need to print a band name or the exact shape of your candle holder? We recommend custom cut stickers for more unique promotions. Just keep in mind die cut stickers are going to run you a bit more in price. We also offer Oval stickers and Circle stickers. These look very modern and sleek on any surface. We recommend a minimal white or dark colored surface to allow these little beauties to shine. If your budget allows it, custom cut stickers really catch the eye. Standard Sticker labels, though, will look very nice on your standard labeling jobs, such as boxes, canisters, spray bottles and the like. 

Will I need professional sticker printing?

You may be tempted to print your own stickers at home. The reality is though, that when opting for professional sticker printing you receive a lot more than high quality stickers. You get the design and color you wanted, as well as the spacing, alignment and technical support necessary to be able to produce the stickers you were hoping for. These stickers will be labeling your products that you worked so hard on. They deserve only the best sticker labels. With our custom quote option, you can communicate efficiently with our team of highly trained designers who will help you create stickers you can be proud of. 

Can I afford custom sticker printing?

One reason you may have been hesitant to opt for home sticker printing versus professional sticker printing is the prices. We are proud to offer affordable pricing. You will have to budget for labeling regardless, why not set aside the money for professional sticker labels. They are reasonably priced on Gold Image Printing. Avoid cheap stickers that easily peel off or fade. We guarantee the best stickers on the market. 

What’s the difference between rolled over and cut to size stickers?

Stickers come in two different ways. They can come on rolls or on individual cut to size sticker paper. There are a few benefits to both so the choice is up to you. Rolled over stickers are easy to store and are great for quick grabs such as at a labeling station. Cut to size stickers are perfect for handing out individual stickers to customers or prize winners. The manner in which they come should be based on your stickers’ use.

What kinds of sticker labels are best?

The sticker you are looking for is out there. All we can tell you is what kinds there are. Once you know about the different kinds of stickers you can make the best choice. We offer Colorplan stickers. Colorplan is a coloring process that works well with other specialties. With colorplan we offer 15 different coloring options!  Emboss stickers are lovely as they are raised in certain areas, for a nice tactile experience. Foil stickers and White ink stickers offer unique looks to the surface of your card. There is not one best kind of sticker, but there is one that is best for your particular purpose. We can help you find it. 

Have more questions on packaging services? We are happy to answer any here on our custom quote page. Gold Image Printing boasts some of the best designers in packaging, so ask away. No questions stump us!