Custom Packaging Ideas

The Rundown on Custom Packaging

Cosmetic products that come in customized packaging like our face cream boxes help you stand out from the crowd.

The Need for Customization

Packaging today is all about standing out from the crowd. Gone are the days of an indistinguishable cardboard box being all you need. When your customers go out into the world they are bombarded by advertisements from every angle: billboards, lit up storefronts, benches, the outside and inside of every bus and train, flags, banners, and so much more; and all that is not even including the endless barrage of online advertisements. You may be wondering: How do I ensure my brand stands out in such a saturated environment? How can I ensure my customers that my products can be trusted? How can I go the extra mile without bankrupting myself? The short answer to all three is custom packaging printing. The long answer however involves several different critical elements and in this blog post we will take a closer look at five of them. There is so much to sort through when looking for a product and that’s why it’s so important to have custom packaging that is unique. Use the printing of your packaging in meaningful ways. Your packaging also needs to be of a high quality. Once you have the quality down you can personalize to build even more rapport with your customers and further guarantee their loyalty. With everything set, it’s important to keep up with the changing times. At Gold Image Printing our product boxes printing services will ensure you are able to get all these things and more!

  1. Make Your Design Unique

In an age of oversaturation through ads, it is critical to stand out by making your brand unique. Think of when you walk down the aisle of a wine store and see all the Hang Tags and wine labels. Many if not most people just want a “good looking” bottle of wine but aren’t sure where to start. Bottles that boast a unique and interesting label that stands out from the crowd are more likely to get noticed by the average customer. A catchy motto, elegant landscape, beautiful amateur or professional artwork, or popping color can make all the difference. Remember, printing product packaging is an opportunity for you to provide valuable information to your customers. That said, packaging printing is also an opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

2. Print Packaging in Ways that Matter

Here at Gold Image Printing you can rely on our top-of-the-line Heidelberg printing presses which use a blend of cyan, magenta, yellow, and key-black (CMYK) to produce any color on the spectrum in all its glory. Print on the outside to show off your product and then also print on the inside to provide that extra information or to keep your brand memorable even after the box is open. Packaging matters for more than just function after all. Our Packaging Printing Services are sure to fit your every desire. When you choose to print with us, you’re choosing to print a design that’s distinctive and that will grant you the loyal repeat customers you’re searching for. Make your packaging matter by having a recognizable logo, company name, and even style or theme to your packaging. Why not make it easy for customers to seek out more of your products once they’ve had a taste of what you have to offer? A great place to start is with a look at our packaging boxes or by reading 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Mailer Boxes. Keep reading for even more ideas for making the most out of your custom packaging.

3. Use Quality Packaging

Even if your product is fantastic, having unreliable packaging means your customers are less likely to trust you. As a rule of thumb, a quality box equals a quality product. For all custom box printing, be it for custom printed gift boxes, custom printed subscription boxes, or any other type of product packaging printing, it is essential that your company is up to par. Consider for example that you’ve just ordered a new laptop online. You have done your research and know that this is the best product for you, so when you order it there’s no concern over quality. When you receive the laptop in the mail it arrives in a flimsy paper bag. Assuming it’s not broken you’ll be triple checking that you ordered from the correct place, and once that’s sorted, you’ll be hard pressed to trust that company the same way you did when you only knew about their product and not their inadequate custom printed packaging. So, what do you do? How can you ensure a top-notch all-around user experience? Well for starters, as the leading online printing service, we here at Gold Image Printing always put our best materials forward. All of our custom packaging printing services use only premium materials whether you’re ordering our mailer boxes, face cream boxes, soap boxes, or anything else from our website.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Once you have the design ready for your custom packaging you can get to decorating. One great way of doing so is by using stickers and roll labels. Wondering what the difference between the last two is? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Have a read of our blog post: Labels vs. Stickers: What’s The Difference? to find out the answer to that question and even get some great ideas for the uses of both. To give you a head start, stickers can be used for decoration or even just to hand out to your customers; throw a few inside your product boxes so your customers can sport your brand wherever they go. Labels can be used to seal your product boxes or tell your customers what’s inside the packaging; they also function as a wonderful opportunity to provide extra information! Two of our more popular choices are our gold and silver digital foil stickers and raised foil roll labels. You can also go the extra mile at an affordable rate with our package printing services by using specialties like digital foil and spot UV coating, or including insert cards with personal messages. Ever walk by a shelf of products and the shine or glow of something catches your eye? If it’s a shine that’s colored, often gold or silver, you’re probably looking at digital foil; just have a look at our immensely diverse foil color chart to see all the splendor available at your fingertips. On the other hand, if the glow seems to almost move as you pass by, you’re looking at spot UV coating. Spot UV is great for getting that double take from customers you may have otherwise missed. Have a look at all our specialties and contact us to inquire about using them for your packaging. Remember to always customize with your brand in mind. At Gold Image Printing we want to make sure you always get the most out of your experience, so at any step of the process if you have any question or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us through a custom quote. With that said let’s wrap up by looking toward the future!

5. Keep Up with the Times

Once you’ve settled on a lineup of custom packaging you’ll be thrilled as you reap the benefits of your work. Your brand will be recognizable, and customers will know they can rely on you for bringing them quality products in quality custom packaging. The unique design choices you’ve made, and personalized touches will help ensure there’s always a place for your company and its products on their shopping lists. As time goes by, this success may dwindle. There’s nothing more disappointing than successes turning sour. And that’s why it’s so important to keep up with the times. When you choose to print with us at Gold Image Printing you are choosing a company that cares about keeping you up to date on all the latest ideas and opportunities, whether it be packaging or any of our other printing services. For example, one of our items that allows customers to make a lot of use of unique custom boxes is our tincture boxes, a perfect fit for CBD packaging. Remember to come back to our blog for more ideas and look through our website whenever you need some new product packaging to put you ahead of the competition.