Kraft Chipboard Business Cards

As an eco-friendly brand, Gold Image Printing offers the Kraft Chipboard business cards.

As a brand, getting a good brand image is made possible if your brand is linked to projects concerning the conservation of the Earth’s resources. There is a smarter way of protecting the Earth without expending a lot of money, and that is by using our 100% Recycled Kraft business cards. Your brand will surely stand apart from competitors with the durable, thick and organic Kraft Chipboard Business Cards.

The standard measurement for Gold Image Printing’s Kraft Chipboard Business Cards is 3.5″ x 2″, with the square corner. Going green doesn’t mean we are sacrificing elegance and luxury in the creation of the Kraft Chipboard Business Cards. The Kraft Chipboard Business Cards are tasteful to the eyes, killing two birds with a stone. Imagine saving the earth, and getting clients with it. A lot of clients will love to interact with a business that has an undying love for Mother Nature. The business card is a mini-marketing tool and is capable of getting you increased sales and clients. What is a better way of achieving both than using a business card that shows your resolve to recycling and conservation?

With Gold Image Printing offers brands, the opportunity to use the green business cards made up of recyclable materials. As a result of our using recyclable materials, the business cards will be organically brown.